Birchmont garden after three years

Spending a couple of weeks house sitting for Terry at Birchmont. Here are some pictures from the thriving native garden here. We first planted the "Oz Garden" three years ago, and it is looking stunning. Here's how it looked at the start, straight after planting and now, 3 years!   Regular pruning, watering and... Continue Reading →


Lesueur National Park

Biodiversity hotspot. Home to over 900 plant species, many of them unique to the park. I was there in June, not the best time for flowers (apparently July to September are good). That said, there were still some beauties, and even without flowers, it's an amazing place.        

Birchmont garden after 2 years

Pictures by Janet Ryan and courtesy of her and Terry; taken in their two year old "Oz Garden". Mostly Western Australian's, one or two exotics. Deeply mulched, fed, watered regularly. Very interesting selection of plants, especially this year's additions from of King's Park, Perth. Click the on gallery below for larger pictures and captions.

Growing Australian native plants in WA

Here we go, life begins at 49. Back in Mandurah...tick Living in my own home...oops, not quite, never mind... Growing plants...undaunted by "homelessness" the process begins. Thank goodness for community gardens and Men of the Trees (argh! That name...anachronism, sounded OK in 1922; times change, names, sadly sometimes don't; now welcome women.) This year I... Continue Reading →

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